The Parabajitos program (For the Little Ones) is an after school and summer program for kids ages 5-13 specifically for children who are having trouble in school or who are behaving poorly at home. The objective is to help kids develop self-esteem and a sense of belonging in the community. Kids meet once a week with trained staff to learn new skills and develop emotional control. The program focuses on boundaries and rules, understanding feelings, and dealing with them appropriately, bullying, accountability and proper decision making. The program lasts several months and children are rotated through twice a year. All children participating are referred by teachers or parents. Leadership skills, cultivating mindfulness, college educational goals, and community service are emphasized in the eight week summer program. This program is based on the Bijou Community School Campus and supports kids from other schools in the summer months. If you believe your child may benefit from a program like this, please contact us at (530) 542-0740.